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We help clients in the insurance industry to obtain the money they are owed. We offer fast settlement services that allow you to get the money you deserve soon after an accident has happened. Our experts understand how complicated it can be to establish a fault and provide necessary legal support, but our years of experience in this area have equipped us with all of the skills necessary for a successful claim. Our relatively small size ensures that every case is attended by someone who knows your personal circumstances well, meaning we get you more quickly to a payment for your losses.




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Our knowledgeable team offers claims management solutions that will help in resolving disputes between your policyholders and insurance companies. As an intermediary company, we offer valuable services to our clients by helping them settle their disputes with insurance companies:

  • Mediation
  • Reinspection
  • Appraisals
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In Person Mediation Consultations

We act as an impartial third party mediator for the purpose of initiating, considering, or reconvening a mediation or retaining the mediator.

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Inspections & Reports for Litigation Defense

The best litigation defense team available to clients in need. We are prepared to be part of your team's defense against litigation claims.

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Appraisal & Umpire Services

When a disagreement arises between the property owner's appraiser and the insurance’s appraiser, we are able to act as an impartial umpire.

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Xactimate Certification Classes

Classes to prepare you for Level 1 Certification Exam that will verify the user has the skills required to create an estimate from start to finish using Xactimate desktop.

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Litigation Claim Presentation

No matter what litigation services you are searching for, we have an impressive track record in resolving different types of legal issues and disputes.

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Education on Litigation Claims

We place an emphasis on educating our clients. Not only so they are knowledgeable about litigation claims, but also to provide them with the big picture.

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